D.A. Terzian

When Flowers Fall (2019)
oil on canvas
30 x 24 in.

“When stay at home directives were on the horizon, animal shelters across the country put out calls for foster parents. The Animal Care Centers of New York City asked for 200 foster volunteers, they received about 2,000 applications. Having fostered cats myself, for another animal shelter in NYC, I am in awe of earning an animal’s trust and building a bond. And while these cats benefit living in my home, I am the greater beneficiary. They are companions, stress relievers, comedians and confidants. They are oblivious to the news of the day which is a gift in challenged times.”

D.A. Terzian’s oil on canvas paintings are inspired by the human/animal bond. Approached as a painting first, Terzian strives to separate her work from traditional animal portraiture by placing dogs and cats in imagined interior settings and using story and/or symbolism, to consider the interior environments imposed on them and the natural world that invigorates their animal spirit.

With a BA in Studio Art from Smith College and a Master of Architecture from MIT, Terzian, left corporate interior architecture mid-career to return to painting.

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