Rose Blouin

Nature Grace
laminate inkjet print
15 x 59 in.

archival inkjet print

State of Grace’ is a theme which invites exploration of Race as it is related to Grace. I believe that Grace is inherent in all things, and I perceive race more in terms of the human race as I strive to achieve a consciousness of Oneness rather than separation or difference. A “State of Grace” is the embodiment of our true nature as spiritual beings having a human experience. The photographs included in this exhibition reflect for me these larger considerations of Race and Grace. We achieve our own States of Grace when we aspire to be more than we are, and nature is a perfect conduit to Grace. It shows us what Grace really is within the existence of all things and the absolute perfection of Divine Order. When we stand in awe of nature, when we find ways to anoint ourselves with our own Divinity, and when we gather to collectively celebrate our spirits, we are living Grace. Finally, I have chosen to exhibit black and white photographs for the first time in a long time. When I began exhibiting with Sapphire & Crystals 25 years ago, I worked in black and white exclusively as I believe it reveals the essence of things.

© Rose Blouin