Makeba Kedem Dubose

America Me
mixed media
10.5 x 13.25 in.

Woman Untitled in America
textiles, thread, fabric glue, acrylic paint

Her Presence: His Reign
textiles, thread, fabric glue, acrylic paint
16.75 x 11.5 in.

The work created for the State of G/Race exhibition is a continuation of my “Patch Work Series” introduced in the fall of 2011, “while I patch my life back together.“ The work for this show specifically focuses on the idea of woman as a separate race. It focuses on the fact that though women are a part of the human race, we are treated as separate 2nd class citizens even to this day all around the world. Politics, religion, the law, and grace have apparently been against us since the dawn of time from the day we are born. The focus is on the various forms of domestic violence and the effects on woman and children even after the fact. I am a survivor, and my story is told here too.”

© Makeba Kedem Dubose