Patricia Stewart

Spirits Among Us
mixed media kinetic sculpture
36 x 60 in.

The Yoruba people remain as one of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria and as a whole in Africa. My kinetic sculpture represents the spiritual concepts and the practices of the Yoruba people. Oduduwa was the first divine king of the Yoruba people and Obatala fashioned the first humans out of clay. It is said the Yoruba people believe their civilization began at Ile-Ife where the gods descended to earth. Most of the Yoruba people take part in farm work but they are also known for their sculptures, beautiful clothes, music, and cultural festivals. The Yoruba religion celebrates many spirits who have defined roles and are always there guiding the people. Whether or not we believe, the spirits are always around us. We always see, hear, smell, taste, and feel them.

© Patricia Stewart