Felicia Grant Preston

Renewed, Recycled, Reclaimed
mixed media
30 x 24 in.

As an undergraduate student, my training in art was strictly representational, so I continued to work this way for many years. I also found in my early years as an artist, that my representational work seemed more acceptable to the audiences that I served. As an art educator, I was constantly going to classes and workshops, and learning new techniques for the classroom, and found that many of them influenced my work. I love bright color, and have declared myself a “colorist”. I then became more experimental with my work, as I also loved working with texture as well. Through manipulating color and texture, while using basically the same color palette, I am able to change the feel of the work by allowing certain colors to become more dominant. From a distance the viewer sees basically the most dominate colors, while coming closer, the pieces reveal much more. I am also very intrigued by people who what to know what I have used to create the texture, and the fact that many people feel compelled to touch the work.

© Felicia Grant Preston