Patricia Panopoulos

Heal from Signing is Beautiful Series (2020)
digital photo manipulation/Illustration
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My painting “The Eternal Connection” portrays the idea that a single moment in time has connected all women for eternity. We are in essence a whole that shares compassion, love and strength. There is great importance of empathizing with others as in reality we all suffer, survive and experience joy together even though it may appear as though we are all separate. This painting encourages the viewer to close their eyes and concentrate only on the pure and all inclusive spiritual energy erasing all physical properties that may fool us into thinking that we are alone encouraging us to look passed what we see and have faith in what we feel.

The Eternal Connection is loosely based on the ecclesiastical story of Eve’s eating of the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Part of the controversy surrounding the idea of the couple being cast from the Garden of Eden for eating from the forbidden tree of knowledge revolves around the fear of being persecuted for pursuing truth. Many modern day cultures continue to discourage women (and men) from becoming educated and independent. Eve and Adam were forbidden to “eat” from this tree. They were tempted by their desire for knowledge which was portrayed as evil and after succumbing to curiosity they “indulged” and once they disobeyed were subject to the harsh consequences that followed. Hence, associating fear with pursuit of knowledge.

I believe that perception is the brush that paints our own reality and I choose to share ideas that provoke viewers to touch upon their own unexpressed energies.

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