Nina Urlichs

Changment of Directions II
ink, pencil, pen on paper, glass, pvc
11.8 x 11.8 in.

My art creates a language showing relationships between the intimate universe and the human body. My aim is to demonstrate the dual nature of our contemporary lives through the expression of our fears, our joys, our emotions. At first sight these may be captured in beautiful pictures, but gradually our realities are revealed and connections to contemporary events (war, destruction, human failures) are gradually coming into the mind. My work is based on the philosophy of a perpetual life cycle, characterized by an incessant appearance and disappearance. Layers of faded traces of washed out paintings, destroyed collages, transparent canvas or paper are used within the artworks. The lightness of these materials matches perfectly in my search of light and depth. The research of balance in the composition is very important, as is the open structure of my installations, where no frame will make borders.

Some lines, red and black, abstract or half figurative are showing up in my recent work. These lines represent directions and horizons. Free to interpretation in everybodys mind, free to suggest directions from the past and for the future. These lines are open, and seems to go far out of the frame, searching for new ways, like maps, that only we can see, as we make our way into
the unknown territory of our own enlightenment.

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