Nava Waxman

Anthropomorphic Figures
Ink, collage, acrylic on paper
30 x 23 in.

My work explores symbolic mapping systems with the objective to express visual form to abstract thoughts and feelings, emphasizing sexual and spiritual energy. Awareness of the body’s form is explored through the creation of disparate parts, familiar yet strange, animate and inanimate, inviting recognition while remaining enigmatic and open. Body parts, objects, calligraphy, nature and biological entities are echoed, creating a distinction between things that are not yet clear and where boundaries between identities are fluid. I work with various medium such as drawing, painting, collage and calligraphy. The work is entirely based on my existence and personal perception about my identity as a woman. I seek to release the female form from its stereotypical state, which is often limited due to preconceptions. In doing so, I transform the familiarity of the subject from its literal identification to a metaphorical, visual perception.