Nara Walker

Silent Scream

My art practice includes a number of different materials, each medium allowing for a different perspective to be harnessed. In February 2014 I graduated from a BFA Honors, Griffith University, Australia. Focussing on representing the sexual body, I found that my work was driven by my lust for the subconscious mind and physical body. As predominantly an expressive painter using my body allowed me to portray my work in new light, bringing attention to women’s issues. Thus I began experimenting with videos and mixed media alongside my oil paintings.

In 2014 my work began to evolved by including live performances. I have performed in Amsterdam, Yalikavak , Hong Kong, London, Berlin and as a part of the official Venice Biennale program. My work has shown in 12 countries with public collections in Turkey, Portugal and Georgia. Each exhibition captures a moment in time where social settings meet personal influences.

In August 2017 I spent a month in Berlin undergoing an intense workshop with Motimaru Dance Company. During this time I created a performance inspired by domestic violence encompassed by body memory and emotional experiences.

Continuing to delve deeper into my experiences and how they related to the exterior world. In my personal life, I attempted to flee my husband. He beat me very badly, my injuries included internal bruising, sprained spine, chest injuries and a fractured rib. He forced himself onto me and with an involuntary reaction I left him with a piece of his tongue severed. Through this I became deemed guilty within my own defense.

My work has been inspired through all of this to focus on empowering women’s stories through shedding light on the “passive woman” that patriarchal society enforces. Reclaiming my voice and aiming to allow other women to stand firm in understanding they are not alone.

© Nara Walker