Devon Thompson

Why Hello There
mixed media on canvas
48 x 60 in.

I aim to create work that is beautifully uncomfortable.  I want to embrace recognition and repel peace of mind.  Last winter I was attacked, and days got heavy.  There were talons piercing my neck. A frilled vulture was sweetly, violently, forcing me to grin.

She needed a lot of tending.  I got tired of feeding this robust carrion creature.  I was becoming more of the scavenger than the perch.  So, I paid my pound of flesh to be able to dredge forward freely.

I cut over one thousand anatomical illustrations.  Daily I set to the job of releasing, instead of becoming, a smirking meat machine.  “Why Hello There” is the result. My days are lighter.

Here is a freed demon perched before you.  She is as unbalanced as a clean slate and as sharply supple as the experience of being female.

Eat your heart out.

© Devon Thompson