Helene Smith-Romer

Reading Dada With Nancy Hild’s Chicken
mixed media 3-D collage
6.5 x 4.5 inches

“We were then living in a world that nobody with any sensitivity could accept or approve” … Hannah Hoch, Artist/Dadaist…@1920 Strangeness of My Own: The Improbability of Possibilities(2015-Present)series continues my unorthodox pursuit of image making through collage and the spirit of Dadaism. The assemblages are delicately woven …piece by piece… conjoining chance, synchronicity, conscious/unconsciousness with a discombobulation of materials from photographs to street debris to blobs of dried glue to painted pistachio shells-discarded and resilient – items– weaving their obscurities into clay like defiant sculptures that negate a linear narration which are transformed into a personal, political and social diary that ultimately absorbs the turmoil, conflict and unpredictably of the 21st century.

© Helene Smith-Romer