Nancy VanKanegan

Water Jug
glazed earthenware

Mudra Bowl
glazed earthenware

My art works address personal and social enigmas and narratives derived from myth, legend and ritual as they weave into contemporary life.

A lifelong study of yoga and close attention to my dreams has informed my attempts to ‘yoke’ the sensual and metaphysical world, and the work and play of daily life. Continually seeking the marvelous, my response is to combine and construct, in search of beauty, humor and delight.

These works include depictions of hand positions called ‘mudra’. The sanskirt translation for mudra is “seal”. In yoga practice body positions arranged in specific ways allows energies to flow along specific channels. The ‘connection points’ in mudra positions activate specific energy paths. These ceramics are part of a larger series of works in media including painting/collage and etching.

© Nancy VanKanegan