Mo Cahill

Citizen Soldier
buttons and mixed media
50 x 52 x 2 in.

as the american democracy slipped into the mud, i felt its tentacles grip my ankle. i needed to feel like i had done everything that was within my poor powers to fight the drag. i could no more look away from events than take my eyes off a mad dog in my backyard. i could no more shut my mouth than smother my child. it is my duty as a citizen to speak the truth, from whatever soapbox was still allowed.

i bought a cheap plastic button maker, copied images from the web, taught myself photoshop, cranked out buttons, and gave them away. i started accepting the frequently offered dollars, invested in better equipment, channeled my growing fury into carefully chosen words and pictures, crossed the country and the internet, dragging a suitcase of buttons. it seems small and pathetic sometimes, measured against the magnitude of the evil being perpetrated in our names. but it is what i can do..

© Mo Cahill