Ginger Burrell

King George
mixed media artist’s books
6.5 x 4 x 1 in.

Throughout this presidency, I’ve felt a growing embarrassment and shame about our government and it’s actions. In September 2001, for a fleeting moment, the majority of the world was united in the common purpose of defending humanity and defeating terror. Ever since, our President has chipped away at this solidarity. His behavior, words, and policies have affected not only the American people, but also the citizens of the larger world.

My work allows me to explore my fear, frustration and anger as well as ask the questions that are becoming harder to silence. Are the president’s words often the result of a Freudian slip? Why does he alienate our longtime allies with his us/them rhetoric? Does he understand the toll his war is really taking? How long will we suffer the consequences of his choices?

© Ginger Burrell