Christina Canzoneri

Formula for Extinction
computer art
8.5 x 11 in.

A portion of my body of work is devoted to aggressive images of political and social commentary. These pieces consist of composited collages assembled in Adobe Photoshop. Although painting and drawing is the method I prefer to create more personal images, I choose this vehicle for its urgency and spontaneity. It allows me to express my feelings of anger and revulsion towards the negative ways the world has spun in the last six years. Most pieces are completed in one session once the ideas have fully gelled and I can arrange a strong visual political statement. Using this process I am able to take disassociated images and assemble warning flags to my viewers of my concern for not just my town or country but for the human race as a whole and its survival. I prefer to use strong imagery with unmistakably vibrant colors to wake the viewer up.

Our frail humanity cannot thrive well or long under the ‘pressure-cooker’ conditions we are all exposed to today. Many of the vague fears my peers and I experienced growing up during the ‘Cold War’ have manifested, but not in the obvious ways originally expected.

My piece Formula for Extinction came out of a concern for the unknown that I felt at the threshold of the year 2000. An almost medieval fear developed as I wondered if humans had a chance to evolve or would continue to trip over the same mistakes. Hale-Bopp, Y2K, The New World Order…..could humanity be trusted to not implode as a species?

© Christina Canzoneri