Michelle Yun-Hee Proffit

canvas, charcoal, menstrual blood
8 x .5 x 10 in.

The very name for this show, The 10th International Open, makes me feel good inside. My art is comprised of my view, my perspective. Making the everyday or the usual something to behold. Showing that the mundane is in fact the most beautiful and extraordinary. My life is about moving from one place to another, never really feeling at home in the moment because of my status as an immigrant to this country and the ways in which constant back-seat driving made me view the world.

I’ve always imagined things are not what they were, their sizes vary and shapes shift and all of a sudden I can place the tip of a mountain under my tongue. All I am trying to show is a different viewpoint, a skewed view of things that in turn will hopefully open up another’s eyes and let them see things differently. Also my choice of medium may seem strange to some, but it is simply utilizing the array set before me in a way that I feel is loving and caring, being careful not to take advantage of that.

© Michelle Yun-Hee Proffit