Michele Thrane

Bits and Pieces (2020)
cut encaustic monotypes on paper and fabric, staples, thread, postcard
21 x 24 in.

My studio is in my house and the work shown here is one of the first artworks that I created after the stay-at-home order. Like many during the pandemic, I felt unsettled. So, I started out cleaning and reorganizing. I revisited the bits and pieces of artwork and memorabilia that I’ve collected over the years.

As I looked at the piles on the table, I saw the beginnings of new work. There were items that I was reluctant to toss, including a postcard with the image of a Jasper Johns’ Flag painting. The postcard is dated 2008 and was sent by a close friend. The postcard is now part of the bricolage, Bits and Pieces.

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© Michele Thrane