Michele Silvetti-Schmitt

Cocoon, 4/2017
mixed media, ink and cotton fiber on paper
16 x 20 in.

My current work focuses on the human figure, an inexhaustible source of inspiration, filled with energy and life. The body is each person’s vessel for expression throughout their journey in life. I observe the figure and record the energy and movement it embodies in a moment captured. Perhaps something is revealed about a person’s story and their state of being in that fleeting moment – a turning point, an emotion, or sense of power and possibility.

Subjects range from live models, photographs and figures of my imagination. The energy and movement is conveyed through gesture, lines, marks and shapes, which evolve with the range of media I am exploring to express the language of the body. For drawings and paintings, these include charcoals, acrylic paints, watercolor and mixed media. 3D explorations also include fiber and/or metal.