Michele Jaquis

Excerpt from Unimaginable
unfolded paper airplane in box frame
11 x 14 x 3 in.

‘Restrictions actually train you better because you have to fight against them’ – Marina Abramovic

‘What does not destroy us shall make us stronger’ – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

These statements exemplify both my motivation and my subject matter. There are separations and connections continuously forming between those I have come in contract with and myself. Combining various media my work becomes a sort of correspondence, examining the complexities and difficulties within personal relationships. The viewer plays an integral role, fluctuating between active participant and witness to the events that transpire. Recently, I have been working within the genre of cinema verite as a way to capture situations that already exist, because these found situations are more authentic than anything I could create in a staged performance or video/photo shoot.

© Michele Jaquis