Mi-Hee Nahm

Committing to Memory_Unreturned Key
acrylic and silver point on paper
13 x 10 in.

Working with broad themes such as memory and time, I am interested in the fragility of human memory and our constant desire to retain, alter, or forget the past. With these ideas in mind, I create paintings using oil and acrylic in attempts to capture ‘fleeting glimpses that might mean anything or nothing’: fallen trees, leaves found from my late grandmother’s grave, etc.

Certain things around me catch my eye, and these images are composited together intuitively to create a mood or tone that resonates with me at the moment of painting. Without much effort, they become autobiographical moments hidden in layers of paint. Capturing subtle details plays an important role in my studio practice as it not only creates intimate connections to the subject matters but also it enhances reality by bringing forth silent nuance.

© Mi-Hee Nahm