Maureen Catbagan

Richie from the Acts of Refusal Series (2015)
digital photograph
20 x 16 in.
$250 (unframed)

“The precariousness of our everyday lives has become more apparent during this global pandemic. We have lost not only the certainty and security of our daily routines, but we have had to learn to rebuild our concept of time, home, work, family, and community. In this uncertainty, other losses that were hidden or put aside because of the lack of time have revealed their true cost. Questions about true cost of racial injustice to our humanity and the cumulative cost of corporate exploitation to our environment and fellow workers have taken on an urgency. These losses have created a space of reflection regarding what is valuable and meaningful as well as the kind of society that is needed to care for its citizens in moments of immense uncertainty.”

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© Maureen Catbagan