Mary Stoppert

Hourglass (2016)
mixed-media construction on archival support – 30 3/8 x 10 9/16 x 2 5/8 inches

A reliquary (also referred to as a shrine, chasse or monstrance) is a container for relics. These may be the physical remains of saints, such as bones, pieces of clothing, or some object associated with saints or other religious figures. (Wikipedia)

This is my second and most current reliquary series. Each found item that I used has as its premise or inspiration, the element of measure. My fascination with devices that measure became apparent when working on Tirettes Epuise’es, the first piece in the series. My studio and wood shop is full of measuring devices, and I have watched the evolution to digital devices over the last few years. I began to look for tools and devices that could be considered a relic if not now, in the future.

“Hourglass” features a lovely Italian c.1920-30 portable sand timer as the measure element, which is one of the earliest forms of time-keeping.