Marjorie Arnett

Fear & Hope (February 2020)
oil on stretched canvas
36 x 36 in.

Over the last couple of months and the realization of the impact of Covid-19, I learn to make-do with what I have in my studio and home. I had not noticed or acknowledged the smallest things because of a pace I walked before the pandemic. There is a change in regard to time and my relationship with my work. As I shelter in place, I think of my mother and her mother’s mother, women who fought through difficult times. So the scope of my painting widens to encompass my history with each day of social distancing. I now paint to encompass generations of women who were challenged as they lost children, sent loved ones to war and broke through political boundaries as they began to take ownership of their bodies. I now draw from a past power to move me forward. in my work.

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