Marion Wilson

Mourning Cloth
oil paint on Mylar paper
36 x 24 in.

Funeral Bouquet
oil paint on Mylar paper
24 x 36 in.

In my studio practice, I aim to foster a close connection to self and place, interrogating our relationship to nature and ourselves at a time when communities and individuals are threatened by COVID-19, social inequities, health and changing climates.

My work explores themes of family and connection, while also meditating on the uncertainty, grief, and isolation of our new reality. These paintings were created after my father passed earlier this year due to complications from pneumonia. Though it could have been an early COVID-19 infection, I will never know for sure. As his lungs were filling with liquid and right after he died, I photographed him. Soon after, I began to paint intimate portraits while in quarantine. These works negotiate grief and explore the collective mourning caused by the pandemic.

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