Maria Camera-Smith

What is Carried… Accumulation Hood 2
foam, wool
27 x 32 x 32 in.

When debris is discarded onto or into the ground, it becomes a part of those processes and integrated into the identity of that land. One leaves many objects behind after use, whether it be an item as fleeting as single-use plastic or one as intimate as a body. These remains reveal a collective, as well as personal identity.

I use found synthetic and natural materials from the landscape and from my home to construct objects of adornment. By using found materials, waste is elevated to the context of jewelry.

These wearable pieces are made using traditional and contemporary metalsmithing techniques. The scale of the objects impairs the wearer to convey the environmental and conceptual heaviness of consumerism waste accumulation. Creating these wearables allows me as a maker to explore these areas of personal anxiety and to share my observations.

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