Christina Canzoneri

Bad Mitten
digital art
12 x 8 in.

Ez is Y Trap
digital art
8 x 8 in.

Sadly, the pandemic has touched all of us with isolation, chaos, and loss. My hope is to inspire the viewer to find healing with ironic humor as a release from today’s dark events.

Bad Mitten – With the paltry official guidance from TPTB we’ve been left to figure this pandemic out on our own. Using household items such as kitchen gloves to fend off the “invisible enemy” seems like all one can do to protect ourselves. The Badminton racquet seemed like the perfect device to express feelings of futility in this crisis.

EZ IS Y TRAP – Eating. OMG. What an issue it’s become. Overeat one day. No appetite the next…”EZ IS Y TRAP” is PARTY SIZE spelled backwards. I’ve wondered with the mask shortage maybe I’ll need to do some creative re-purposing.

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