MalPina Chan

Distant Voices
6 x 10 in.

My current work is a series of monoprints that feature autobiographical imagery. These monoprints represent a journey through childhood memories pieced together from family stories. They recall fragmented events and far away places. I have found a rich source of imagery in old family photographs and documents. These monoprints denote memories that convey thoughts about lives superimposed upon each other, of multiple generations, the notion of the “paper son”, the dichotomy of going back and forth between two continents and two cultures, the immigrant experience, and the struggle to belong. These images also represent the constant redefinition of self in the changing environment, our resistance to change, the conquering of change, and the re-emergence we experience. My hope is that my images will reach out to people, telling a story about the immigrant experience that transcends racial and cultural boundaries speaking to a universal perspective about family.

© MalPina Chan