Mahwish Chishty

Naming the Dead (2018)
mixed media installation with sound; (acrylic surveillance domes, each equipped with MP3 player and speaker)
28 x 13 x 28 in.

More than 400 drone strikes have hit the tribal regions of north west Pakistan since 2004.

Naming the Dead is a collaborative effort to create connection between US citizens and Pakistani civilians killed in drone strikes conducted by the CIA. Utilizing the data collected by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Chishty has been asking Americans of the same age and gender to read the name of a Pakistani deceased civilian from a list in order to relate and to start a dialogue.

Current list contains 354 names including two females and several children, commonly described as ‘collateral damage’ by the military. This project highlight the truth of people affected by this warfare that do not have a way to make direct connection with American citizens.

© Mahwish Chishty