Louise Pappageorge

Aranae (2020)
lace, wire, beeswax
17 x 16 x 14 in.

My sculptures are constructed of found laces. Working across materials and classifications and moving beyond the traditional uses of lace and crochet conventional textiles and textile techniques are re-purposed to create complex dimensional compositions. These forms interact with line, shadow and texture. They are structural and strong while resonating with and reflecting their genesis and origins; the soft pliable, penetrable and organic.

My mediums of expression continually illuminate the shadowy truth and power of the innate strength of women generally and overtime. The technique always remains circular and repetitive, much the same as the distaff work always expected of the feminine role. These articles, relics of the past are re-animated, becoming the antithesis of the their existence, that of obliquity and background. It is the feminized craft shifted into the role of object. They are emblematic and allegorical.

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