Joan Painter-Jones

Obsolete (2018)
rusty metal, old toaster parts, piano hammers
20 x 12 x 10 in.

I start with found materials and objects: old wood or metal, colorful objects and drab ones, things that look like they had another use. As I start layering or constructing the pieces into a form, I use my intuition to make choices. My work can be abstract or not, and whether it is painted or not depends on how the pieces look together as they are.

Sometimes, but rarely, I have an inspiration from the beginning whether it will be a “robot” or a “house shape – and sometimes no idea except to add more wood or metal until it is done. I just try to make art that evokes something that makes me satisfied. Maybe something that once worked. Or a toy-like thing, depending on how I feel about it as it grows.

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