Linnea Paskow

Unexpected Visitor
10 x 12 in.

By embodying in my work certain forces that lie just below the surface of everyday life, I strive to render what I experience and feel, instead of what is objectively perceived. The implicit narrative I create in a scene is the overlooked or forgotten aspect of the everyday world—my sense of its mystery and foreboding. Sunlit color and whimsical composition exist simultaneously with intimations of memories and longing.

I construct images out of fragments of cast-offs—magazines, old books, paper bags, and bits and pieces found on the street. The material itself is important to the imagery. I use it to signify the fragmentary nature of our memories, dreams, and voices, which define our underlying feel of the world. The ‘worthless’ and the ‘unsanitary’ are reconfigured to create meaning.


© Linnea Paskow