Leah Oates

Durations 2
archival ink jet prints
17 x 12 in.

“Paradura” is series of photographs, installation and sculpture that explores the passage of time and the fragmentation of memory. In each moment numerous gestures are expressed, motions taken, sounds heard, and images recorded. I condense, double expose and blur moments, and thus have constructed a more fluid and psychologically charged interpretation of time as it disappears and fractures.

The process of making my work begins in a specific location gathering fragments of image and corporeal response to environment and space via a camera, journal and found objects. I begin a focused collection process until I have accumulated many images and objects and then gradually narrow down to the most condensed grouping of elements. After I narrow the focus of the collection process I begin a series of photographs, books, digital prints, sculpture and installation until the work becomes defined.


© Leah Oates