Linda Boardman

acrylic on canvas
40 x 30″ in.

For the past four years I have been journaling my dreams and looking for symbols and images that appear repeatedly. I paint landscapes, animals and figures based on these dream images. Some recurring images include gardens, oceans, fish, birds, skies and dreaming women. Part of this dream work has to do with understanding my response to my own aging process.

I began the Owl Women series at the time of my sixty-second birthday. These women are drawn from dream images of birds and strong women who are becoming more magical rather than more aged. The Owl Women present a paradox. They are hidden and mysterious behind masks, but they are at the same time transparent and so open one can see inside them to the magic.

These women are in process of transition, of becoming something new. They all have white hair, as I have. They are strong, magical, watchful, mysterious, hidden, open, forbidding and inviting. Age: 62

© Linda Boardman