Mia Weiner

Untitled (2018)
wool, cotton; handwoven on the jacquard loom
50 x 56 in.

As I navigate my self in relation to the world around me, I see the body, in its flawed, innately intimate and personal nature, as an apt metaphor for our shortcomings, limits, boundaries, and need for connection. Using the familiarity and tactility of cloth, I bring attention to our relationships and how our identities are constructed and create conversation about how we co-inhabit. I stitch, knot, and weave intimate declarations that explore both togetherness and attachment as well as identity and gender.

I have always been drawn to working in fiber because my body seems to understand this method of making. I feel a deep connection to the physicality of the work and the methods used. Everyday we interact with cloth, and often cloth holds memories and value to us. The textile is ubiquitous in our everyday lives, and, because of its loaded and diverse history, I find cloth an access point to connect and understand the world. I use traditional and non-traditional textile techniques as visual language to question the body and its constraints- both physical and emotional. (IL)

© Mia Weiner