Li Lin-Liang

Dinner from Together / Alone – Under Suburban Sky Series
archival pigment print
16 x 20 in.

“Together / Alone – Under Suburban Sky”is intrinsically tied to my experience moving to the U.S. and stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.I dressed up as an ordinary suburban housewife to show scenes of daily life. I made some images like film footage by using long exposures and 16:9 ratio. The inclusion of COVID-19 symbols gave an understanding of the tension time. Each picture depicts a dramatic conflict. This project has been the primary source material in creating a body of work that explores the migrant narrative and my suburban housewife experience, albeit through a personal lens. Photography is an effective way to depict real scenes in life and can challenge norms of female sexuality, beauty, domesticity, and identity. While my need to decipher and address my own life is personal, my work has always touched upon universal themes, with the potential to start a dialogue about cultural differences and similarities.

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