Léo Lee

We Are All of the Above
letterpress: wood type, leftover ink
16.5 x 24 in.

This series came from thinking about myself as a mother and daughter. While feeling very critical of my parents, I wondered what my children would say and think of me. Had my mother and father not tried their best? How was I as a child? Far from perfect, this I know. While I love my children enough to give my life for them, they also drive me crazy. They are definitely all of the good things and all of the bad things I say about them, just as my parents, my spouse, and my friends are––just as I am. Printed with simple, beautiful, vintage wood type, this series reminds us of an overarching, redemptive truth: In the end, we are all, all of the good and bad, all of our successes and failures, just flawed humans. The idea is simple and obvious, yet one we overlook in the detail of everyday life.

I was raised by very active, socially conscious parents. When my children were young, much of my energy was also turned towards community building, something my current work remains strongly connected to. A portion of that work includes teaching non-artist friends to print posters with me that we share at marches and demonstrations––I also believe a well-printed poster is more easily heard. I am currently creating bilingual zines relating to my volunteer work with immigrant.

© Léo Lee