Carron Little

queen of luxuria: vita activa
fabric, foam, sculptmold, acrylic, jewels, diamond dust and mixed media
13 x 12 in.

The concept of truth is culturally perceived and in my study of ancient philosophy and religion, I recently came across the notion that ancient Buddhist monks from 700 BC believed in the notion that there were seven perceptions of the truth linked to any one incident. For those of us who have siblings, we’ve probably had a conversation where their perception of an event was completely different from our own. Living in the wise understanding that there are multiple truths to each incident allows us to live with patience for difference and creates space for listening to other perceptions of what is true. We are living in a time when this is much needed.

I work predominantly as a performance artist creating interactive performance in public plazas, or on the sidewalk and I have been invited to perform a piece called Utopic Dialectics at the closing on November 23. This interactive sculpture contains part of the poem that inspired the performance that I will perform. The poem is written for Jose Hernandez, who now goes by Rose Hernandez called A Taste of Honey. Please read and rewind the poem back up when you have finished. The action of unrolling and rewinding the scroll, reading the poetry will hopefully become a meditative act that transports you to a contemplative state.

© Carron Little