Leah Schretenthaler

I Want To See The Land How It Used To Be
laser cut silver gelatin print
9 x 9 in.

My artworks archive various objects and environments. These objects and environments most often contain a void within the imagery where man made structures once occupied. This void is produced through processes which include mold making, casting, and the removal of imagery from photographs. The result becomes an artwork devoid of a man made presence.

An action is taken to fill the space of the voids but sometimes it creates bigger ones. We as humans create these voids, quickly fill them only to have these voids reappear. These works require physical decay, removal, and a weakening of the object that carries the void.

The voids then manifests in the sculptural and photographic work which archives what used to occupy the void. The various voids are revealed through the divestment of molds and the cutting of paper while others are recreated.

© Leah Schretenthaler