Gina Lee Robbins

glazed stoneware, mgambo tree pods, metal leaf
dimensions variable, roughly 12 X 24 X 24″ (installed)

I create organic and abstract objects using clay, rubber and found materials. I work intuitively, experimenting with the inherent potential and limitations of the media. Constructing repetitive forms, I never know precisely where the process and materials will take me. I push, pull, carve, distort and assemble until a form almost breathes in my hands.

My sculptures convey movement and intention. Often pushing against social boundaries, they provoke both dissonance and sensuality. Installations of my work can be simultaneously otherworldly and viscerally familiar.

Found materials, discarded by civilization or nature, are irresistible to me. In my work, they serve as an archaeological study of my personal journey, while referencing the universal tension and compromise between built and natural worlds. Through assembly and installation, I allude to narrative and forge a conceptual study of social mores.

© Gina Lee Robbins