Laura Phelps Rogers

Ozone Repair Cabinet (2016)
mixed media: found objects, digital prints on fine art paper, cast iron
17 x 12 x 7 in.

I was excited about the exhibition ‘GrassRoots’ and entered to present a work precisely about what the jurors are looking for – a cultural representation of filing cabinet that incorporates “blue sky” as the file cabinet labels playing into the social convention of blue sky creating happiness – together with and little lost wax cast iron trees stored in the drawers in response to the environmental concerns we face. The “Ozone Repair Cabinet” seeks to create a dialogue about the interconnectedness of our natural world through the found object’s social convention and tying in philosophical and quasi spiritual interaction for the viewers to contemplate our global position. In my work I allow each viewer to interpret their own personal ideologies facing our existence and fragile ecosystems.