Jennifer Rich

Faulty Foundation
watercolor, paint, spackle, pencil
22 x 25 in.

People often come to learn about the surrounding world through separating out and analyzing one entity. Through this process, people form distinct concepts such as the interior and exterior, the gallery and the natural environment. How do we come to understand these ideas as related instead of opposed to one another? My artwork explores the connection between interior and exterior by creating a space that allows insight into their intersection.

My practice is rooted in my immediate surroundings – a walk down the sidewalk, the weed fighting to grow out of the cracks, the whitewall of a studio, or the empty foundation in a vacant lot. With my works on paper and installation, I play with layers to subvert the expectations of certain types of spaces. I use an existing structure, such as a gallery wall or piece of paper, in conjunction with found, cut, and painted materials. I physically connect these materials by gluing, cutting, and patching to make a moment that references the intersection of the constructed and natural environment. Although these concepts are thought of as distinct from each other, I aim to create a place where these elements can be experienced as unified.