Laura Phelps Rogers

I am a contemporary artist working conceptually from social memory. I tease out cultural shifts, historical interpretations of women’s work, environmental issues, popular culture, social paradigms, links to pre-industrial agriculture, disappearing practices, disappearing open space, the western interpretation of the landscape, connections to previous generations and the feminine experience.

The primary focus within my visual practice is using memory to create experiences and recontextualize objects. A current focus is social engagement and escalating the scope of my conceptual and physical work to the monumental and public scale.

I occasionally include performative components and am intrigued with impermanent materials. Ephemeral materials direct viewers to beauty but, also the impermanence of life and our surroundings. This multimedia approach includes large scale photographic presentations of my images in billboard scale and monumental linear and grid formats. I fabricate work in a wide range of materials that include steel, bronze, iron, wood, found objects, digital components, photography and light components.

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