Laura Lynne

Soar (2019)
open edition archival print
16 x 12 in.

Mostly, in my mixed media and mural work, I use bright, happy colors. Sometimes, when I edit the reproductions for prints, I’ll play around, changing the colors and sometimes experimenting with the black and white version. For the original piece of this artwork, I worked closely with Mutual Ground, a domestic violence shelter in my city. The original, colorful mixed media art hangs in Mutual Ground.

I chose to submit a black and white version of this image to change the mood of the work and express the seriousness of our current situation. Our homes right now are either a safe refuge or a prison of abuse. The swallow/phoenix, however, rises out of the chimney ashes. It is a symbol of hope, butterflies a symbol of change and life. A phoenix the symbol of rebirth and renewal.

While we are stuck inside, my hope and deepest wish is that we will once again join our communities, but be reborn into better versions of ourselves. It is that we will transform and rise above our past.

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© Laura Lynne