Laura Johansen

Pink Blonde
photograph, c print
20 x 14 in.

It’s about truth being obfuscated, suppressed, or misrepresented. It’s about how the original, pure, idea is transformed by the people who are attracted to it. Those who want to control the thoughts and actions of others seek the most powerful imagery to associate with.

I believe that we are living in an increasingly dangerous time for truth. Seven global media companies, and the corporations that advertise through them, control almost all print, broadcast, cable and film output. We are constantly being spun and misinformed by corporations and governments for their own benefit, which may be contrary to our own. All that is visible is a sugarcoated veneer, a rough outline of the original form. The swarm of people trying to leverage an idea for their own agenda mutate it by degrees. Just as one cancerous cell can slowly metastasize through a body, destroying both its host and itself in the process.

© Laura Johansen