Lara Mann

Cherry Blossoms
acrylic, silver leaf, resin on panel
24 x 18 in.

Within my practice, I explore self-control through varied exercises in restraint and release. The visuals are manifested through spontaneous mark-making following intuitive guidelines and basic rules. Through mimicking patterns in nature or otherwise derived from organic sources, I allow my mind to wander inward and compulsively create. This acts as meditation and soothes neurotic anxiety. Color and shape are used in such a way that they nestle and wind to create a psychedelic impression. To intensify the optical quality, I exploit negative space to enhance the lines and saturation of the materials. By playfully teasing out the balance and composition from beginning to end, I allow the piece to realize itself. The final outcome is a stabilized representation between determined restriction and unconscious surrender.

© Lara Mann