April Malphurs

blown glass, flameworked beads, sound
72 x 72 x 24 in.

First Place Award

My work is whimsical, capturing my enthusiasm for life and a playfulness inspired from years of work with children. When I create with glass, I am in the moment, almost meditatively, leaving all other aspects of life behind and feeling rejuvenated. Creating brings me peace and joy that I strive to share with others. The colors and feel of “Radiate” captures this joy I wish to share. My sculptures combine blown glass bases with flame-worked beads arranged on wire armatures to create an illusion of movement. I love color and pattern, using a variety of techniques in my work. I enjoy drawing the audience into my work to reflect: with “Ghost Image,” the audience was asked to think about their own identity through a series of questions: “Who are we? You? Are you who you want to be or are you some ghost-like image of what you think society wants you to be? When you look at yourself do you see what you want to be or are you just empty space inside?” I took viewer interaction further with “Splash,” an installation sculpture that included sounds and scents of rain, asking the audience to share their own life experiences or memories in writing. I wanted the raindrops to come together to create one piece, yet each to be appreciated for their unique pattern and color, to represent the beauty of diversity and individuality in all of us. Rain is also a metaphor for life. We can choose how we see the storm. We can seek shelter from the rain or find joy in the splashes or rainbows. In life, and my work, one can reflect the difficulties we face letting it determine our path or like light refracting through glass, we can change the direction and give back something beautiful.

© April Malphurs