Laila Kujala

All Hearts Can Be Healed #1 (2020)
mixed media
7 x 10 in.

Protector of Bees #3 (2020)
mixed media
16 x 6 in.

The most important lesson I learned growing up I Finland was the love of nature. I believe in oneness of all life and that we are all small parts of a larger energy. My paintings reflect my life experiences and this interconnectedness of life.

I paint on live edge wood which I find very inspiring. With some paintings I let the wood tell me what is hidden in it and for other ideas I search for a specific piece of wood. I use mostly colored pencils, acrylic inks and gold. The ink lets the wood grain show true adding another dimension. The gold in my art symbolizes universal love, the invisible world and the life force that unites all life.

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