Kristina Loggia

Penny Wong
20 x 24 in.

In the winter of 2001 while in Las Vegas finishing up on a two year journey of photographing young women who participate in rodeo pageantry I met EllynAnne Giesel, a freelance writer. Within the next few months I began photographing women who had worn/wear an apron or someone who had a close relationship with someone who had worn an apron. EllynAnne collected their testimonies. The diverse subjects, to name a few include a 111-year-old mother and her only child, a Holocaust survivor, a biology professor from Mali, Africa, and a preteen and her grandmother. The stories and photographs explore the people behind the aprons and give life to the fabrics.

Now three years later, there are 46 environmental portraits and stories which bring to mind a world that seems at once immediate and extinct. It has been the greatest journey of my photographic career. I am delighted to share a few of these images with Woman Made.

© Kristina Loggia