Kelly Neibert

Window Sill
ink and conte pencil on paper mounted on canvas
10 x 8 in.

My current work is based on the places that I have lived and other well known spaces that I recall from memory. Some of my paintings are large and complex, depicting the interiors of my past and current apartments; some are smaller, more intimate vignettes of the banal, daily interactions I have with my partner and our cat. In a world as utterly heartbreaking as ours can be, in a time of chaos and uncertainty, I look toward my own familiar spaces and the people and animals that inhabit them as a source of comfort, beauty, and comic relief. I invite others to come into this safe space to laugh, to rest, and to regroup. Small exploratory drawings and collages become the basis for oil works on canvas, wherein I merge wonky, awkward, and sometimes impossible perspectives with mundane, everyday still lives and occurrences. Steadily rendered moments of realism press up against wild, tipping gestural fields of pattern, creating moments of tension and release within the work. The resulting paintings are tenuously grounded in reality but also dreamlike.

© Kelly Neibert