Kathy Weaver

Fireside Chat at the DMZ (2018)
airbrush, acrylic, stitched, torn, burned of Arches paper
33 x 45 in.

In this series, “A Tear in the Fabric”, I use stitching, and burning to show the devastation of war to the civilian population and to the environment. The robots, protagonists and symbols of “everyperson”, grapple with forces of evil that are attendant to war.

I find the medium of paper to be a perfect vehicle for my message. It has the history of manuscripts. It lends itself to airbrush painting of pattern and camouflage as in Fireside Chat at the DMZ, yet can effectively be the substrate of detailed paintings of H Bomb interiors or amphibious creatures found in abundance at the DMZ. Burning, stitching and repairing the suggested wounds of war are also generously allowed by the fibers of paper. Like the cloths that wrap us when we are infants, then take us through life; paper’s fibers parallel and mimic that constancy, recording our thoughts and feelings.

© Kathy Weaver